A Butterfly Blessing Written September 18, 2017

A loss took us away from the tiny house, and finally we are headed back down the rocky, shrouded by over-hanging tree branches, dirt road. As the ride grows bumpier, my heart beats faster, almost there, almost there, almost home to our tiny house on the lake.

I could see the corner coming, the one that unfolds onto the drive leading to our destination, when I saw it, the first blessing. A gangly gray heron stood in the shallows scanning the shoreline for dinner. There’s something about wildlife in their element that lifts my heart. I think it stems from childhood rides in the mountains of Bradford County when the sight of a white-tailed deer disappearing into the forest was like candy somehow to me.

Jim unloaded the clothes, groceries, and the detritus of over 30 hours in the car to Tennessee and back while I flit back and forth looking for the right space, since there are not too many spots, for every item that crosses our threshold.

I was grateful he had suggested a sub for our first lunch on the way ‘home,’ so as soon as the greater part of the load was in its place, we head lakeside with lunch.

Blessings two and three join us there to celebrate. Blessing two came in the shape of a turtle teasing us as he played hide and seek in the ripples coated with gold the sun blew our way.

Blessing 3 danced above the purple wild flowers along the lake’s shore. As if just showing off his beautiful black and purple and gold colors was not enough, this butterfly swooped into the air toward us. I’m telling you the truth here, no lies. As he passed between us, one wing brushed my head bestowing a blessing on me, and as I told my husband, I felt like singing the doxology.

Everywhere we went this last week, well nearly everywhere, people wanted to know about the tiny house and seemed surprised when we both said how much we loved the simpler life and couldn’t wait to get back. But I have learned one more important thing. as important as the house might be, the location is just as important.

I don’t know what your heart needs right now, but if you sense a need for peace and rest for your soul, you might want to check out the tiny house rentals at at https://www.vrbo.com/1088859 or https://www.vrbo.com/1112307  As someone who just spent too many nights in hotels, I can tell you, these tiny houses are a much better deal.

About the first one, I’m just not ready to give it up right soon, as they would say in Tennessee.

Enjoy our view!

20170919_182043 (4)20170919_182058 (1)


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