Creative and Memoir Writing

Those of you who have followed me for a while, you know I have a writing coach. AND, you probably know that one of the benefits of my relationship with my coach is that every week, we, her coachees, must turn in our weekly writing re-lated goals. Then, a week later, we turn in our accountability report. So, I asked her if she minded if I passed on some information about what she does.

Creative and Memoir Writing

We are nearing the end of our Spring semester so, as those of you in the Zoom class will remember, I am giving you a number of online resources right now. Think of it as a reference library to be used as you continue writing. I know that many of you write as fast as you can to get them all down...but here they are.

Creative and Memoir Writing

Remember. you want to personalize your query, to make it sound different from all the other people who have looked up what a query letter is and follow that outline in a stiff and impersonal fashion. You want the editor to know that if he or she does not follow up on your letter, they are missing someone who will be able to help sell the book with their own passion.

Creative and Memoir Writing Feb. 15, 2023

We read the published work to find out what works, at least as a writer. I have been writing for decades, and I still read to find out what works, especially in the genres I enjoy reading and writing and the new work just emerging.

Creative and Memoir Writing Class Notes

October 26, 2022 Carol Brennan King We have been talking about writing techniques useful for both fiction and nonfiction or memoir writing. Then this last week, I was reminded of the power of voice in both genres. So next week, well, this week in class, I will tell you the story of the importance of…Read more Creative and Memoir Writing Class Notes

Creative and Memoir Writing Plot, Scene and Chapter   September 28, 2022

The point is both scenes and chapters have a place in your story’s pacing. Short chapters tend to move the action along quicker. Longer chapters might lull you into relaxing with the longer flow of information and less tension. Remember, both scenes and chapters have a part in how quickly your story unfolds, and how your reader experiences the story.