Creative and Memoir Writing Class Notes

October 26, 2022 Carol Brennan King We have been talking about writing techniques useful for both fiction and nonfiction or memoir writing. Then this last week, I was reminded of the power of voice in both genres. So next week, well, this week in class, I will tell you the story of the importance of…Read more Creative and Memoir Writing Class Notes

Creative and Memoir Writing Plot, Scene and Chapter   September 28, 2022

The point is both scenes and chapters have a place in your story’s pacing. Short chapters tend to move the action along quicker. Longer chapters might lull you into relaxing with the longer flow of information and less tension. Remember, both scenes and chapters have a part in how quickly your story unfolds, and how your reader experiences the story.

Creative and Memoir Writing July 8, 2022

How has your protagonist or hero changed since the beginning of the book? Think through who that character was at the beginning of the story, consider the journey and the challenges, and the impact on him or her. This is subtle or may be dramatic, but if there are no changes to the characters, the story is really a linking of scenes in which pretty boring people get up in the morning, do stuff, and go to bed at night, no different.

Creative and Memoir Writing:

5 Steps to Writing an Article Carol Brennan King  June 8, 2022 Notes from our writing class Last week we put our toes into the water of writing an article. We stepped back and did an overview of the process, but today we stepped right in knee deep. First, remember that we are talking about…Read more Creative and Memoir Writing:

Creative Writing and Memoir Class Notes

Carol Brennan King March 8, 2022 This week we discussed some of the business sides of writing and promoting. Therefore, because I want to leave you with helpful resources, I am going to pass on to you some comprehensive websites I have found useful. We talked first about the path to publication with the tools…Read more Creative Writing and Memoir Class Notes