Withdrawal !

I’m not sure if this is a tiny house thing, or this tiny house thing, the one located at the end of the road and surrounded by beauty and quiet (note the end of the road), or the revelation of an addiction.

But I do miss people! And communicating with them so simply, at least as I have in the past. Pick up the phone, run next door, send a message, or a Facebook message. However, here at the end of a country dirt road, surrounded by the beauty of trees beginning to take on their fall wardrobe, a lake reflecting the wind driven clouds, and a silence disturbed only by the bass of frogs or the chatter of birds overhead, I would welcome a little human noise. And I never expected this.

God calls us to live in community. He calls us to be hospitable, even in a tiny house, so it must be possible. My job is to figure out what that looks like.

And then drive to the cemetery at the top of the hill where there is cell service, don’t ask me how or why there is cell service at the cemetery, and invite someone to visit.

Maybe we cannot sit around a big dining room table inside, but we can sit around a Image may contain: outdoor and waterbeautiful picnic table or fire pit overlooking the lake. Or, if it rains, as it has nearly every day this week, we can gather inside. We can seat six, or seven if you all smell good, and I will serve you orange juice, tea or coffee or diet soda (that’s what we have right now) and cookies, albeit store bought cookies. If I know ahead of time, I will stir up some no-bake cookies too.

All of that to say, to those who consider tiny house living, know thyself first. What is really important to you? Where do you find fulfillment? If you like people around you, plan accordingly. Right now, we have only been here five whole days, so I know opportunities await for us to welcome more visitors. As I typed this, I looked up to see one of Jim’s friends from high school out at the picnic table with Jim, chewing the fat, as they put it.

But I did bring my guest book in anticipation of new names being written in it as reminders of new memories to be made.


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