Perspective, it’s all about perspective!

A week ago, I was carting boxes and bags up the steps and down the steps, leaning over and reaching under all kinds of things, despite the awareness that the days of doing so had passed me by. By Tuesday, day after move-in day, my back was reminding me of my stupidity. And by Wednesday, my back was in a familiar and much dreaded place – back spasm city.

This morning, Saturday, I woke up a new person with a new perspective on life. My adventurous spirit was back, and it made me thankful and aware again of how much pain can affect your outlook on life.

This morning we drove out to civilization to get some groceries and to post my last blog. Once there, it seemed to take forever to get online and to look over my email and to get the new blog out into cyberspace, but honestly I did not mind the wait. I savored my coffee, Thank you Sheetz, as I worked and then it came to me.

The last time I was here for the same purpose I hurt, and that pain colored everything, including my attitude and perspective. Today, I woke up pain-free and excited to be about our adventure in the tiny house. We enjoyed our breakfast in the tiny house and we enjoyed the grocery shopping. We enjoyed the work at Sheetz, even though it sure went slow, and I really enjoyed meeting an old friend from high school, bumping into her at Sheetz. One of the blessings of being back in my county of origin. Yes, I am a country girl at heart.

The point of this blog is that I was happy to head back to the tiny house on the quiet lake when we had finished the chores that took us to town. I was happy to put the bacon and orange juice and eggs and mushrooms in the refrigerator. I was happy to put the cherry pie filling and vanilla and chocolate chips on the shelves in the “pantry.” I was happy to put the beautiful plump tomatoes on the counter. And I was happy to sit here at our all-purpose desk, table and entertainment center and tell you these things.

Pain was making me a bit blind to all the possibilities that  existImage result for roasting marshmallows

here at the end of our dirt road. My high school friend is coming for a visit. We have neighbors to get to know, and my sweet husband is going to roast three marshmallows for me. He knows exactly how I like them, and to be sure, like most men, he loves an excuse to build a fire in our fire pit.



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