So, it looks like this!!

Welcome to my living and dining rooms; it’s not all in this picture, but you get the idea.

20170906_091517I brought pillows from home; see the most specialist on the left? The quilted one? Our Beth made that for her dad many years ago. Above this space is the first of two, each with two mattresses.  And do you see the Scrantonoply game on the left back of the futon sofa? We played a lot of monoply back in our first apartment. The budget wouldn’t all for much besides games and popcorn.

And can you see the monitor? Jim has been busy loading my laptop with documentaries and other things we can watch in the evening.  We watched one about building Versailles last night – not exactly like building the tiny house.

Take a look at what I saw out of that window this morning – a smidgen of the beautiful Lake Brenchly.  I wish I had done a better job at capturing this image because I wanted you to see t20170906_093350he words on the tiny pumpkin, “Live Simply.” You can tell why this pumpkin jumped off the shelf and into my hand. The box is the little glass box I wrote about earlier, filled with family and friend’s photos.



When you turn around from the living room you see the kitchen straight ahead. See the little yellow creamer and sugar bowls. My Amy made them for us, so you can see how they fit right in with my theme of attempting to have things in our house that serve two purposes, functionality and connection – or memory20170906_092902

There are wooden inserts for the sinks that add helpful counter space.




Then, as we wander out of the kitchen and down the hall, we pass the pantry and clothes closet on the left and the bathroom on the right.





I am sorry we missed the shower, but it is new and modern and spacious. Ladies, it even had a built in seat so you can shave your legs while you shower.  If you look hard into the mirror of the cabinet, you can just make out the clear shower curtains. You will be amazed at the difference clear curtains make in the sense of open space there.


And finally, our bedroom: you can see the tiny chest we bought at Walmart that fits in nicely there and holds all kinds of unmentionables. The clock radio is in the wide window mow. It does belong on the little chest, but you pick you battles in a tiny chest. Jim was doing such a good job as photographer that I let the radio slide.  And along the wall facing the pillows in the corner is a handy built in shelf unit.


So there we are for today. Did you notice all that beautiful woodwork? A by-product is that lovely fragrance.

And if you are considering a tiny house, you need to know that the three here on Brenchly are not the only style Steve builds. He is very open to what rings your bell, just as he has been for years building beautiful big houses.

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