Creative and Memoir Writing July 8, 2022

How has your protagonist or hero changed since the beginning of the book? Think through who that character was at the beginning of the story, consider the journey and the challenges, and the impact on him or her. This is subtle or may be dramatic, but if there are no changes to the characters, the story is really a linking of scenes in which pretty boring people get up in the morning, do stuff, and go to bed at night, no different.

Creative and Memoir Writing June 22, 2022

“LEAVING IRELAND” BY CAROL BRENNAN KING, READING & DISCUSSION One of many things that would show up if you googled my name - a good sort of thing to show an agent or editor or publisher - talking today about name recognition online By Carol Brennan King Personal Essay Writing and Why! To get a…Read more Creative and Memoir Writing June 22, 2022