Classes Start This Week

January 29, 2022 from the desk of Carol Brennan King

Long time, no ???  See doesn’t work, or maybe it does.

It has been a log time since you have seen me here. That does not mean that I have stopped caring about our writing community.

I have been taking classes – the most recent one finished yesterday. Over a 12 day period, I had the opportunity to sit in an on-line classroom learning from the 30 of the best authors today. Next week, I will be taking some individual classes and will work with my coach on my book. I can actually see the end coming thanks to the encouragement of my writing coach, Leigh Shulman.

The following week I will be joining another writing seminar, this one only one week in duration with four different instructors/writers daily. Think learning from 20 successful writers!

My two-hour writing classes, the ones I teach, will recommence this next Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at the Abington Community Library in Clarks Summit, PA. We will be meeting both in person and via zoom, if that works better for you, from 10am to noon. If you haven’t signed up at the library yet, please give them a call and get registered.

And if you are interested in a free masterclass, you can join me Feb. 7-11 for WRITE YOUR FIRST (OR NEXT) BOOK 2.0! UNLIMITED ACCESS PASS

Go to the following site for more information:

Traci Skuce will be interviewing 20 talented writers, and I promise you, you will find answers to questions you did not even know you had if you join us. I say us because I plan to be there.

So there we are! If you are going to join us in class Wednesday, I encourage you to bring something to workshop. As always, I will do my best to allot the time evenly for all of you.

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