To Bradford County and Beyond!!

The last time we drove out this way, I was so enchanted with everything that I was seeing, and getting it down on paper, that I did not take one picture. Today was different, especially since we knew the leaves hit their peak color yesterday! Cause we saw the difference today.


Did you ever see apples hanging on trees like grapes?  Well, we did out at Sysock Apples on Route 87 where we bought a basket, and where they even let us sample a couple of others – so good, though we like honey crisp for just eating.

I cooked the Macouns in the slow cooker and then added some  apple pie spice and sugar, and mashed them a little, so that they still sort of kept their shape. Then I froze some of the sauce and made the best apple crisp we ever tasted with another quart.

But on to the ride.

Just beyond the apple orchard we came on this hillside, the kind of hillside that makes you want to lie down and roll down it and laugh a song or two on your way down, and another at the bottom. And then when you have stopped laughing at the bottom of the IMG_0222hill , you pick leaves and twigs out of your hair and the memory paints a smile on your face, IMG_0240.JPG even if you just did it all in your imagination.







Leaving Bradford County and going beyond, we wander into Dushore, an old village that climbs down one side of the hill and up the other side of the valley. There a Catholic Church still watches over the people,  its benevolent presence comforting generations of hardy people: miners, loggers, hunters, farmers and their wives  – offering hope and order and an hour’s rest if no guilt is poked at by a priest trying to do his job.

Normally we take a left here in Dushore and trek up the mountain that leads to Camp Brule.  There we end the first part of our journey with a picnic half way around the lake checking up on the progress of the beavers, admiring their tenacity taking down trees a dozen times their size and hauling them to their lodge.

But this time, we went out past Forksville to World’s End State Park. I have to tell you IMG_0253that we spent one of our first dates here sharing a picnic with Jim’s parents back in 1964. Come to think of it, we rode with them, ate with them, but that’s about  it. The rest of the time we spent alone together, if you can follow that, and scaring the daylights out of them when we took so long getting back.  You see, it started to rain and we had to take cover under one of those great covered picnic tables. But I digress here.

You have to follow the creek bed to see what nature can do, just water tearing rock from rock and rolling them around til the edges are smooth. I’m not sure if it’s ok or not, but I brought a small rock home for the flower garden, to remind us of this lovely day.

I guess the point of all this is that I want to encourage you to take your own ride down that side of Bradford County and on to Sullivan County and make your own memories. You won’t regret it.








It’s all fun stuff you can do from a tiny house on Brenchly Lake.

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