Taking it for a Test Drive

Did you ever wish you could have taken your house, or car, or RV for a test drive, something more than the 20 minute one you got at the dealership or with the real estate agent at your elbow?

If you are thinking about tiny house living for whatever reason, like less floor space=less cleaning, or less overhead, or more mobility, or to leave a smaller and more ecologically sound foot print, just down-sizing, or even freeing up money that might have gone for living expenses to go to other projects of eternal value, then maybe you might want to test drive a tiny house.

That’s what we are doing, and our test drive is much longer than a walk through, Image may contain: house, tree, plant, sky, outdoor and natureor even a weekend or week. We felt that if we were really going to have a sense of tiny house living, it had to be for at least a month, long enough to get past the honeymoon phase, and past the time a vacation might end. We felt, or I felt, that it had to be long enough to find out if we could live in such close quarters and thrive, not just endure.

That’s why we are going through the exercise of evaluating what we have and what we need and trying to get it all in one car/SUV load. Already, as I pile things up to go, I am a little bit ashamed of the excess that has crept into our lives without much thought.

So, if you are still interested, both in our adventure or one of your own, you can follow our journey here or do what we did, try out one of Steve Crain’s two tiny houses alongside Brenchley Lake. And he even has a larger cabin on the site that is beautiful.


Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor, nature and waterOur tiny home looks out on the same beautiful view as this neighboring cabin does.

Image may contain: tree, plant, house, sky, grass, outdoor and nature


Interested in renting one of Steve Crain’s tiny homes  or cabins on Brenchley Lake? Book your rental easily by calling 570-358-3156!




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