Dishes, I have to write about dishes!

Hmmm, no matter where you live, you have to have dishes. God calls us to exercise hospitality and one way of doing that is feeding people. So having the right dishes is a no-brainer, but all dishes don’t come in the same size, nor the same density or breakability. And most people have good dishes or china, and plastic dishes or picnic dishes, and everyday   dishes, like the pretty ones from Target. At least I do.

 So, the  first thing that came to my mind as I Image result for winter white corellewas meandering through my dishes collection was the word, CORELLE! I have to have me some Corelle, thin and a stack of them in different sizes take up about half as much space as my current everyday dinnerware. Corelle is pretty too, and if you get some of the basic pieces in winter white, they will dress up and down and blend with different color accessories nicely. But, I am supposed to be downsizing. The last set of Corelle I had still lives in Africa. And I suppose they are still serving God and the Chadians there in Chad. 

But do you know where I am just now as I write this? In Florida, and Leesburg, Florida has to have more thrift shops per capita than any other city I know.  In fact, since we have been here, we have visited ten thrift or resale shops, and there are more yet to be discovered or explored. All of that to say, I am now the proud owner of service for 8 mostly winter white Corelle bought in mostly groups of four. A couple sets of four luncheon plates are in coordinating patterns. 

 For some reason, nobody gets rid of bread and butter or dessert plates, or maybe they pile them too high on the trip from dining room to kitchen, and most of them don’t survive. That serious need drove me to find some clear dessert or bread and butter plates that will do just fine. (PS, since I wrote that I did find the small Corelle plates, in a thrift store I had visited before.) 

To make a long mathematical computation short, I paid less than 1/8th of the store price for the whole lot, and I am one happy shopper, even if it did require me to revisit the my favorite thrift store three times to complete my set. People living in The Villages get rid of nice stuff. 

Tiny house living requires that everything you take with you must serve more than one function, and my dishes are functional, cheery, useful for many purposes, and heat up nicely in the microwave. And basic white will dress up easily for any occasion. Note the red accessories I already have.


So drop by sometime after the fifth of September, we should be somewhat settled by then, and check out our kitchen/dining area. I might even make you a cup of something and maybe even lay something to eat on one of my new plates.

PS, Corning did not pay me anything for using their dishes.

And if you forgot what our tiny home looks like, here’s a photo. Remember, you can rent one this size or smaller to try it out yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Dishes, I have to write about dishes!

    • Sounds like you’re having fun shopping/treasure hunting for dishes lately! ::) Are you planning on using them at the end of the month when you go home, or are you leaving them at Steve’s tiny house for the next tennant?


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