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It crunched. Yes, it crunched, like a thing with a shell, really, I could imagine like a baby octopus with little bony tentacles. Well, I could not swallow it like it was, so I had to chew it up somehow. So very gingerly, with my napkin very close to my mouth, I chewed it up fast. There is no other way to describe it – fast. And almost as fast, I swallowed it.

Creative and Memoir Writing June 22, 2022

“LEAVING IRELAND” BY CAROL BRENNAN KING, READING & DISCUSSION One of many things that would show up if you googled my name - a good sort of thing to show an agent or editor or publisher - talking today about name recognition online By Carol Brennan King Personal Essay Writing and Why! To get a…Read more Creative and Memoir Writing June 22, 2022

Creative and Memoir Writing:

5 Steps to Writing an Article Carol Brennan King  June 8, 2022 Notes from our writing class Last week we put our toes into the water of writing an article. We stepped back and did an overview of the process, but today we stepped right in knee deep. First, remember that we are talking about…Read more Creative and Memoir Writing:

Let’s Try Writing Something New This Week!

After nearly three months, I am back at my desk! By Carol Brennan King  June 1, 2022 As I thought about what facet of writing we should consider this summer term, it came to me that we have talked about our platform. But we really haven’t done much in class to build one. When I…Read more Let’s Try Writing Something New This Week!