Creative and Memoir Writing

Simon scuffed his wellies off on the stones leading up to the old cottage and ducked his head before stepping through the open door into thick darkness. Ready to pull his ID card from his pocket, he called out, “Inspector Hay here, looking for Mrs. Featherbody. Anybody home?” Once inside, he saw what was left of the pull chain to a ceiling lamp, and he pulled the short chain carefully, glancing around the room full of what could have been his grandmother’s furniture, at least what he could see of it.

Creative and Memoir Writing Feb. 15, 2023

We read the published work to find out what works, at least as a writer. I have been writing for decades, and I still read to find out what works, especially in the genres I enjoy reading and writing and the new work just emerging.

Creative and Memoir Writing Class

The first mistake that we talked about was the idea that you had to write “the most beautiful prose in order to write a story that holds the reader’s attention.” The reality is that by the time you purchase or borrow from the library any book, it has been through the hands and efforts of many professional editors. So, just get your story down; remember that the first draft is just a first draft. Once you have your ideas on paper, you can polish them to your heart’s content, and your editor’s heart’s content.

Creative and Memoir Writing Class Notes

October 26, 2022 Carol Brennan King We have been talking about writing techniques useful for both fiction and nonfiction or memoir writing. Then this last week, I was reminded of the power of voice in both genres. So next week, well, this week in class, I will tell you the story of the importance of…Read more Creative and Memoir Writing Class Notes