written in 2006 by Carol Brennan King

A tiny child’s heart beats
for the first time
in the chill air of dusk,
beating away the seconds,
flowing through
his veins.

His mother cradles Him,
swaddles Him in lengths
of fine linen.
Laying Him in a manger,
she kneels beside Him
in wonder,  
caressing His brow.

And the child grew
and waxed strong
in spirit
filled with wisdom
and the grace of God
was upon Him.

A mother’s heart beats faster.
Tears course down her cheeks
for the child she cannot find.
The words of Anna
A sword shall pierce
thy own soul also
sing a dirge
she is not ready
to hear.

A boy sits in the temple
about His Father’s business,
yet wounded by the pain
He hears in His mother’s voice.
Your father and I
out of our mind
with grief,
searching for you.

The boy of calloused hands
grows into a Man
of strange charisma,
the Carpenter Messiah
called to a wedding,
a last grand celebration
to be shared with His
mother who had pondered
these things in her heart.

Redemption flows through
His veins, His heart
broken, His blood
spills out, an offering
a payment in full
buying back the souls
of men.

The wood of a manger
exchanged for the wood
of a cross.
The linen swaddling clothes
of the Infant exchanged for the
linen grave clothes of the
Redeemer.  Sin’s debt
marked in red

A tiny child’s heart beats
for the first time,
beating away the seconds
of redemption
flowing through
His veins, a warmth
waiting to be spilled out.

Redemption Part 2

The angel said
Fear not Mary
for you have found
favor with God.

You shall bring forth
a Son
and shall call
His name Jesus.

He shall be great
Son of the Highest
reigning on the throne
of His Father David.

Of His Kingdom
there shall
be no end.

But now He,
mine own son
Yours too
is dead.

The angel said
Blessed are you
among women.
But I do not feel blessed.

I remember His eyes.
Woman behold thy son
He said, and to Peter,
Behold thy mother.

For three days and
nights, misery, and
hope companioned
Anna’s words, yet again.

Risen, He is risen.
A new song, new words
sing healing
to my heart.

The circle complete
Life to life
and repentance and remission
of sins should be preached
in His name
among all nations
beginning at Jerusalem.

This poem originates with the account of the birth of Christ in the first two chapters of both Matthew and Luke. The account of the crucifixion can be found in Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, and John 19.

This season is an amazing opportunity to ponder the reality that took place, the prophecy that came to life in Bethlehem two thousand years or so ago. My prayer is that these words encourage your heart, and the words on the pages in your Bible stretch themselves into pictures in your mind, bringing you great joy and hope and peace.

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