Limited Quantity

Limited Quantity!

Isn’t there something about that sign that hits you right between your heart and your pocketbook? If there is a limited quantity, hadn’t I better check it out? OR, hadn’t I better buy one now because who knows when there will be anymore?

That’s exactly what the merchandiser wants you to think: Buy now, just in case, because there won’t be any tomorrow, and subliminally they want you to think, I can’t risk waiting. Because we all know there was at least one time we waited, and then it was too late.

As I scrolled down in my email today, I saw that sign, those words, and I knew the drill. They wanted to suck me in and get me to spend my money before I scrolled any further.

But funny on them!

It did make me think that probably some of the most important things in life come in unlimited . quantity, like the pleasure you get when you hold your child, or grandchild, or favorite pet in your arms. (I had to add the latter because there are people who will never hold their own child, and I think God created pets to help fill that void.)

Or the peace that comes over you when you take a walk in the woods or a park or along a stream in the mountains.

Or the love you have to give. I remember when my first born was placed in my arms. All I could think in the days to come was that I love her so much, how could I ever love another child – this much. Then I had one and I knew, love grows and stretches and morphs, and there is always enough to love another.

And it came to me: I am so glad God loves me and you that much. God always has enough love to go around. God has the kind of love that embraces us even when we mess up.

We may break his heart, just as it breaks our heart when our child makes a bad decision, one that we know will have painful repercussions. But just as we still love our child and long for them to make the mess right, God loves us and longs for us to make things right. He longs for us to take action so that nothing, not our shame or guilty conscience or regret will come between us.

And there is an unlimited quantity of God’s desire for and ability to forgive us.

Just as we need to feel the pain of our bad decisions and to ask others to forgive us so that we can get rid of the junk that messes up our relationships, God wants us to come to him. He wants us to say the words that reverberate in our head, “I am so sorry I messed up. Please forgive me.”

And like that, his unlimited love pulls us in, showers over us. Not that it ever went away because it didn’t. Our offence and shame made it feel that way.

So there it is, my response to that unlimited quantity note in my email. Do you think I should sent them this post?

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