One Night in Bethlehem

Since I am working on my second book of poetry, I thought I might post a few pieces from my first, pieces that relate to this Christmas season.  Here is the first one. I hope it brings that amazing night into reality for you.

One Night in Bethlehem

  She lay there in the cold,

cutting cold blowing

winter’s breathy wind

around cave manger corners.

Cradling her Christ child,

Mary wonders that it has

come to pass and wonders

How this child at her breast could be a king.


Joseph lay there in their straw bed

firelight behind her

framing her slim form

wrapped around the wee one,

the Son he was called upon to

father, but how does one father

the Son of God?


Carol's pic

Carol Brennan King




photo borrowed from

One thought on “One Night in Bethlehem

  1. One night in Bethlehem was lovely. Skimmed through interesting blogs from 2015. Enjoyed brief podcast by John Piper and amazed he wrote at least 70 Christian books.


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