Trying Out the Tiny House!

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Well, I thought that would get your attention. A few weeks ago, I happened upon, read that God put it there, an article about some tiny houses a friend was building. To make a long story short, within hours, we were talking about how Jim and I might have the opportunity to try out one of his tiny houses. And…I would blog about the whole experience.






One month from today, we move in! And theoretically, we are going to move into this tiny house in the same way we did to our first apartment: everything we owned then fit into our little blue Valiant, a 1960 blue Valiant. This time the vehicle is bigger, but the goal is the same, to fit everything we really need to live into our white Cherokee, this time a 2016 model, almost the same.

Why would we embark on such a crazy adventure? Primarily because we believe God is in it. I had just said I thought I was attending my last writing conference because I had nothing new to write about. Within hours, this project showed up, and the idea of blogging, read that writing, about it surfaced. Do you think God had anything to do with that?

Then, at the writers’ conference, an agent was very interested in hearing more about it, and invited me to submit a book proposal. The moral of the story is God is listening when we whisper things like, “I’ll never write again.” And He loves to surprise us. So hang in there and I will tell you more about what we are doing to get ready and then, come September, what God is teaching us on this adventure.

Oh, and Steve Crain, the builder of our tiny home, and our family go back a long way. His parents were among our first supporters back when we were missionaries to Chad, Africa.

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